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Reduce turnover and empower managers for more productive teams and higher profits.
Put everyone in the right seat, doing the right work, and loving it.

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Optimize your business and your team.

Top Performer Profile

Hire a rock star.  Each new hire is guaranteed to be an A or B performer. Consistently identify future top performers and screen out low performers.

Leadership Team Profile

Find the money. Evaluate all sources of revenue and determine which generate the greatest gross margin and everyone’s contribution to those margins. A full-day, client-site event.

Human Capital Audit

Unlock the talent. Identify inefficient processes and get your teams performing at their peak. A full-day, onsite efficiency evaluation. 

The Core Values Index

Implement the solution.  The cornerstone of our work; the CVI  provides a roadmap linking motivational drivers and job tasks to identify top performers.


Learn how Top Performer technology can help you in this 3-minute video

Client Experience

Hear how our Core Values hiring system and CVI tool helped this company and this recent college graduate.

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