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Latest Victories from our VAR community...

The Impact and Fear of Bias | Rosalie Chamberlain | TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen

Published on Dec 1, 2017

Is seeing believing?  Get ready to change your thinking!  Bias is making a snap judgement about someone based on what you see or what you hear. Join Rosalie on a journey to look at the impact of biases.  After the video, consider how you can use the CVI to address bias in your clients.


Rosalie Chamberlain is a nationally recognized diversity consultant and leadership coach. She has served as speaker, facilitator, consultant and coach in the legal, corporate, non-profit, government and private industries. She is a writer and frequent commentator on diversity and inclusion and leadership, having authored Conscious Leadership in the Workplace (2016), and having been quoted in numerous business publications.

Learn more:  https://rosaliechamberlainconsulting.com/