Get to the top. 

(or enjoy a better view if you're already there...)

"In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield."

- Warren Buffett

About Lynn Taylor

Lynn is a business optimization expert in the areas of human capital, C-level performance, executive consulting and organization design. 

Compelled to help every company achieve superior results, Lynn has performed more than 200 successful turnaround projects over the past 20 years. He and his Core Values Index™ have been installed in thousands of organizations large and small to increase human productivity and leadership performance. 

Having spent time behind the scenes of numerous companies serving as titular CEO, Lynn understands the importance of having every member of an organization in the right seat and the human dynamics that can make a company sink or thrive. Lynn's mission is to leverage his vast corporate experience to help other leaders and their companies excel.


Executive consulting is now the most effective tool to cause positive change in the workplace. In 2017, Statista reported over 659,000 management consultants employed nation-wide. 


You only need Lynn Taylor to make a difference.

Executive Consulting Services

Lynn provides consulting for any level of management with an emphasis on senior management and the C-Suite.  Available for 1:1 or group consulting with regular meetings in-person or by phone.  Expect accountability, progress reviews and ample feedback.

Leadership Excellence Training

Individual consulting/coaching for any member in a leadership position.  Focus on supporting the leader as they navigate how best to manage direct reports, achieve higher levels of productivity and revenues, re-position talent, improve margins, and increase bottom-line profits.  In-depth training on how to understand and leverage what they can and cannot expect of themselves and others. 


May include the Leadership Team Profile™: an assessment of the strengths and balance of current leadership at any level in any organization. Lynn and his team work with you to review past performance and current goals relative to company initiatives and objectives.  Complete exercises to evaluate all sources of revenue (Find the Money) and determine which generate the greatest gross margin and everyone’s contribution to those margins. Frequently structured as a full-day, client-site event with follow-up remote sessions. This is a powerful, success-oriented process with tremendous impact on the team and company; leave with a professional development plan that maps individual Core Values Nature™ to essential tasks aligned with the company’s immediate performance goals.

Human Capital Evaluation

Unlock the money tied up in company processes, systems and teams to get your people performing at their peak. Develop Strategic action items that drive revenue and reduce costs. The Human Capital Audit is a full-day, onsite human-efficiency evaluation. The client-company CEO is closely involved in the process, including the pre-audit briefing and shadowing the Departmental discussions. A closing prescription meeting and 30 & 60-day progress follow-ups are included.


CVI™ Training: Included

Detailed review of staff and their Core Value structure as it relates to the work required of them

(creation of Top Performer Profile(s)™ may be included)

• Departmental group discussions/interviews to explore degree of current human capital inefficiencies and possible prescribed changes to responsibilities

• Outline created for the CEO showing suggested positioning so everyone contributes at their highest level of contribution

• Development of strategic action items that will drive revenue and reduce costs

• Final Prescription is created with and for the CEO.  This closed-door session typically reveals:

  1. New dollars that can be obtained with a few simple changes

  2. Adjustments to work flow to increase efficiency; traditionally yields 30-40% increase in margins

  3. Opportunities to simplify systems and processes already in place

Prescriptions are deliberately limited and specific, giving the company the opportunity to increase its growth model in weeks, not months. It is common to experience 4-to-5 times ROI in the early months following a Human Capital Audit™.

• 30 and 60-day follow ups with CEO and Taylor Protocols senior leadership

All of Lynn's work can be tailored to include:

  • Achieving Top Performance from Employees

  • Leading with Influence

  • Increased Productivity

  • Strategic Decision-Making

  • Effective Communication

  • Leadership Presence

  • Individual Growth and Effectiveness as a Leader

  • Conflict Management

  • Negotiation

  • Improved Communication

  • Learning Styles

  • Core Motivating Drivers of Self and Others

Ready to get started?  Call or Email for a complimentary chat to see if it's a good fit!

Lynn will provide a complimentary one-hour consultation. In this time he’ll identify the issues presenting the greatest challenges for you or your company. You'll hear his opinion on an actionable solution, and if you feel you should collaborate he can discuss that, too.