A big claim to be sure, but it's true.

The CVI can be used to hire, reposition, and coach employees.

Leaders build better teams, know what to expect from everyone 

based on CVI scores, and add revenue to the bottom line.  Executive and Life coaches rely on the CVI as a springboard for understanding their client's motivation for action and sense of personal mission. 


Learn more about how the CVI is applied in business and in coaching HERE.

Learn more about the accuracy of the CVI HERE.

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, on recognizing the unchanging nature of true Core Values.

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Take the Full CVI and receive a 16-page report.  Learn how to leverage your core values for success at work and in life.

Identify the exact levels of Builder-Merchant-Innovator-Banker 

energies for every role in your organization, including details on the 6 Types of Contribution:

           1.  Intuitive               4.  Practical

           2.  Cognitive            5.  Community

           3.  Creative              6.  Independent


Get the right people into your open roles and

watch productivity and profits soar.


1 out of 4 workers has been with the same company less than 1 year.


1 out of 2 has been with the same company

less than 5 years.

What is the Core Values Index?

We're so glad you asked.

The Core Values Index is the most powerful human-nature assessment ever developed.

The Core Values Index is the only assessment to showcase the core motivational drivers that dictate performance. These drivers dictate the behaviors and desired work that develop self-esteem, causing people to subconsciously seek work where they can make their highest contribution.

  • Companies using the CVI rate 95% of their hires as Top Performer.

  • The CVI reveals a precise "recipe" for the ideal candidate for any open role.  You wouldn't bake cookies with only 1 teaspoon of sugar when you need a cup, so why hire a candidate who has only 12 points of Builder when you need 20?

  • Only 20% of hires made without the CVI rate as Top Performers, supporting the Gallop opinion that 80% of workers are disengaged.

  • The CVI has a 97.7% repeat-reliability score, higher than any other assessment. 

  • The CVI reduces time and expense on the HR side, immediately ranking candidates so HR staff can start with those who fit best first.

  • The CVI removes the guesswork about whether or not a candidate will be a good fit for the work of the job.

  • The CVI contains no self-reporting and no uncomfortable claims for a person to make.  The temptation to fib is removed.

  • The CVI cannot be rigged or present a false-positive (because it’s all word choice).

  • The CVI contains only positive values, nothing negative, so users feel good taking it. 

  • The CVI is fast - just 10 minutes to complete.

  • The CVI is the only assessment to align the work (tasks) of a job with innate nature for maximum productivity and meaningful contribution.

  • Companies using the CVI have lower turnover and higher productivity and job satisfaction from their employees.

  • We guarantee the hire is a top performer, and will replace the candidate for free if they aren’t.  Who does that???


The difference between the CVI and other tools is the CVI measures innate preference (suitability) rather than ability or adaptability. It identifies what fulfills someone about the work they do, rather than whether or not they are capable of the work. Resume review and skills-testing take care of the capability component. The CVI handles the critical suitability component.


The CVI provides the highest repeat-score reliability, at over 97%.

Other assessments typically provide reliability between 60% and 80%.­­­


Bankers gain and preserve knowledge; they conserve, analyze, and inform. Bankers keep Merchants, Builders, and Innovators from unreasonable risk. Bankers work hard for justice and appropriate behavior. Their strategy is to constantly gather knowledge so when the time comes they will have the answer.


Builders achieve results; they use straight-forward speech and bottom-line thinking. They look for quick, simple approaches that allow them to decide and lead others into action  They are decisive.  Merchants, innovators, and bankers are wary of the builder because the idea of doing things just because someone says to do it is not rational or comfortable for them.


Innovators are problem-solvers. They examine all outcomes and choose the best as the wisest response. They make quick and thorough assessment, prioritization, and reconfiguration of solutions, systems, and processes. 
Without innovators, businesses could not grow. Innovators make conception and design of products possible. They resolve conflicts with vendors, customers and employees. 


Merchants look for ways to connect with other people. They desire openness and closeness with their fellow workers. They take social and emotional risks to build good relationships. Merchants are an irresistible force in business. Without them, meaningful contacts wouldn’t be made, visions couldn’t be realized and employee relations would suffer. 

Hannah (Merchant-Innovator) "I learned the CVI with our management training quite a few years ago. I was young then, and I was very surprised to learn the ways it had impacted our senior leaders to learn it as well. I witnessed a manager drastically change his demeanor in order to be more effective. I learned to recognize when people value something at their core and how it differed from my perspective and interests. I learned to support individuals in their pursuits and values. I learned to recognize each core value's triggers and reactive styles. I developed myself through my profile and through the book in order to align my personality and communication more closely with my values. I continue to share the tool with others because I found it to have such a meaningful impact on my life."

Adela (Builder-Innovator) “Even though technically my Builder and Innovator are equal, my results showed a stronger bent toward the Innovator side, which I completely resonate with. Since things typically flow from leadership down, it explains a lot about the troubles we've had with resolving conflicts and problems. As Lynn was explaining it, I could have analyzed just about every aspect of our last staff meeting through the lens of what he was describing.”

Jackie (Builder-Merchant) “Interesting how this revealed our weaknesses and a lack follow-through on projects. We are a very VISIONARY group!   We will hire differently going forward to balance our team."

Malia (Innovator-Builder) “Two of my clients said they were "moved to tears" because "it got me."  More proof that the CVI is spot on and the results can be transformational through awareness for clients."

We train and certify in the CVI.

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