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We offer a simple, effective method to significantly grow your practice, increase your billable hours and land more coaching jobs. Engage in deeper, more effective discussions with your clients. Become a Strategic Partner today.

The CVI is an easy-to-use tool that can add significant revenue to your coaching business.


Imagine how meaningful it would be to understand yourself and those around you better, or to help an individual find precisely the right match in their career path based on what they are innately wired to achieve. 


Let's reach out into the world and build your business.  Taylor Protocols and the CVI are a perfect partnership for you in creating a strategic business plan.  Now is the time to take the CVI and receive a personal Insight Review from Lynn Taylor, President and CEO of Taylor Protocols and creator of the CVI.  Then let’s discuss how together we can help you market your coaching services, gain clients and create more billable hours.  

Benefits of becoming a Strategic Partner:

  • Establish a passive income stream with unlimited growth potential

  • Attractive referral commissions and no selling involved

  • Add coach-represenatives to expand your consulting footprint

  • All executive coaching opportunities are referred back to you

  • ​In-depth training and 16 ICF continuing education credits upon completion ($4,400 value)

  • ​Unlimited access to the Core Values Index™ (CVI)

  • ​On-going executive coaching from our Master VARs

  • ​Full strategic partnership through our VAR program​

Appropriate for: 

Coaches, business consultants, HR service professionals, recruiting and permanent-placement specialists.

Life Coach and Executive Coach Certifications in Seattle, WA and Newark, NJ

Gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful Life or Executive Coach.  Learn how to help others identify their innate core motivational drivers and how to pair this knowledge with personal and professional success. Our program provides exceptional coaching and business development skills to bring you success.

Registration includes:

  • 2-day intensive Coach Certification Program (1-day for Life Coaches), with CEO and CVI-creator, Lynn Taylor

  • Coach training workbook

  • 25 Comprehensive CVIs ($1250 value.)

  • Unlimited Basic CVIs for marketing (priceless!)

  • 16 ICF continuing education credits ($4,400 value.  4 ICF credits for Life Coaches, $1,100 value) 

  • Business development session

  • The Core Values Handbook (e-book and print version, 176 pgs, covering CVI fundamentals)

  • Choices (ebook, 376 pgs, showcasing the adult journey to self-actualization and best-practices coaching standards)

  • Toolbox of marketing and support documents

  • 1:1 follow-up session with Lynn Taylor, CEO and creator of the Core Values Index

  • Free access to continuing education webinars

  • CVI-Certified logo, available in a variety of formats

  • Certificate of completion and certification

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"I had used several good behavioral/personality assessments for almost ten years prior to finding out about the CVI from Taylor Protocols.  These traditional assessments all had definite weaknesses and were simply not as reliable as desired.  They often lead to disappointed clients.  When I learned about the CVI it changed the game for my business.  I now have a powerful tool to help lift people to their highest contribution.  Now companies have science-based information to help align innate nature with job tasks  and get superior results with their hires and existing teams.  Everyone wins with this process."

                                                                                                        - Brad Wolff, PeopleMaximizers

                                                                                                           Author of People Problems? 

                                                                                                 How to create People Solutions for a  Competitive Advantage                                                                                        Master Distributor partner with Taylor Protocols

"As I progress in my understanding and applications of the CVI in my leadership consulting business as well as working with my staff, I become more and more impressed with the depth of impact that it holds for individuals and executive team coaching—which is how I use it. The greatest impact, however, has been within my life personally as a leader. Understanding my highest contribution is great but to learn to shift—when my contribution is not the best answer in situations has been revolutionary for me. Learning to shift to another core value focus has brought great clarity, confidence and wise decision-making for me personally… now I have a greater ability to determine when and where to invest my efforts and energies to produce the greatest result. It’s been mind-blowing!"

                                                                                                      - Dr. Melodye Hilton, Hilton Consulting

                                                                                                                              Author of Higher Living Leadership

Master VAR partner and trainer with Taylor Protocols